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Welcome to Cosmetic Surgery Today, the UK’s premier guide to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery Today is the UK’s definitive independent website dedicated to bringing you the latest news, treatments, products and procedures on the market.

Our easy–to–navigate site contains information on dozens of types of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments on almost all parts of the body. From common cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation or liposuction, to more recent developments like buttock enhancement surgery, you will find the information and assistance you want. When considering a cosmetic surgery operation which requires anaesthesia and a period of recovery, you can rely on the information we provide to help you make informed decisions.

Each page on our information section contains details of the procedure or problem area, and related new articles from cosmetic surgery practitioners and other reliable sources. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon to perform a procedure, details, where available, are listed alongside this information. Cosmetic Surgery Today aims to arm you with all the information and advice you need when considering cosmetic surgery.

If you would prefer to consult directly with a cosmetic surgeon, who can give you face to face advice and information on the treatment you are considering, we provide a comprehensive directory of recommended clinic, cosmetic surgeons and practitioners across the UK. we keep our directory of cosmetic surgeons up to date, so that you can be assured you are getting the most relevant and current information.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our 'Ask The Experts' feature. Submit a cosmetic surgery question to some of the most renowned and respected cosmetic surgeons in the country, and they will respond on our site. A comprehensive archive of previously answered queries on cosmetic surgery is also available on this page, so feel free to browse the advice already available in this section too.

Our site is updated regularly with the latest news on cosmetic surgery advances and new techniques. Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics News is consistently updated with details of new types of cosmetic surgery, updates from prominent cosmetic surgeons, non–surgical techniques, aesthetic treatment breakthroughs and cosmetic surgery in the news. Why not subscribe to the RSS feed, to receive the most up to date information as it is published.

If that isn’t enough cosmetic surgery information for you, we also have real–life stories and testimonials from people who decided to see a cosmetic surgeon. Their experiences and knowledge on a variety of procedures can be among the most beneficial available anywhere else.

Our comprehensive online resource can be complimented by the Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics Guide, available as a free e–mail newsletter, or delivered to your door for a low–cost subscription price. It’s important for anyone considering cosmetic surgery to keep their finger on the pulse of the cosmetic surgery and aesthetics world, and subscribing to the UK’s premier consumer guide is the best way to do this. Each issue is packed with information on the latest cosmetic surgery treatments and products, interviews with cosmetic surgeons and leading practitioners, reviews, special offers and much more.

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