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By: Katharine Griffiths
Created on 09th August 2010


The latest report from Mintel into cosmetic surgery and aesthetics has revealed that non-surgical procedures, from fillers to Botox, have passed the one million mark for the first time.

The number of non-surgical procedures performed in the UK has risen impressively from 950,000 in 2008 to 1.1 million in 2009. Furthermore, non-surgical procedures are now estimated to account for more than nine in ten (92 per cent) of all cosmetic surgery procedures performed, taking 74 per cent of market value.

In the same period, surgical procedures have also grown (by almost 9 per cent) but not to the same degree as less invasive treatments. Alexandra Richmond, Senior Health and Beauty Analyst at Mintel has commented: "While traditional procedures maintain their popularity, the non-surgical sector is booming. Accessibility has been a key driving force, with consumers now able to have a procedure in their lunch break or alongside their dental appointment."


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