Losing weight is often a life-long battle that usually ends in defeat - but it needn't be. The Alizonne therapy approach combines an individual tailored medically supervised weight loss programme that dramatically reduces body fat and Alizonne Skin Therapy to prevent unsightly sagging and loss skin being left behind.

Alizonne is a unique four step programme that offer a revolutionary solution to the problem of excessive weight and poor body shape. Alizonne therapy allows you to reliably, predictably and quickly achieve your ideal weight and to stabilise it at that new level, and at the same time, without any surgery, re-shapes and contours your body, smoothing the subcutaneous tissue and firms and tightens your skin.

"In the hand of experts"

Zenith Weight Loss Clinic strives to provide clinically proven, cost effective and progressive cosmetic treatments for all. The word Zenith means 'achieving the highest possible point' and that is something of a mantra for the clinic. Once a client has undergone treatment at the clinic they will walk away feeling valued and as if they have had a very personal care before, during and after the treatment.

Care at Zenith is about giving patients what they want and making sure that they make fully informed decisions.

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