Mineral Make-Up

Who does it?
● Cosmetic Doctor
● Cosmetic Dermatologist
● Cosmetic Nurse

What is it?
One of the biggest revolutions in the make-up world in the past decade, mineral make-up is made up of tiny particles of minerals that allow your skin to breathe.

This means it can cover up spots and rashes without aggravating the problem; you can even sleep with it on without fear of suffering a break-out.

You can get mineral versions of anything now, from mascara to lipstick, but foundations and camouflage products remain the most popular, as they offer really strong coverage without that ‘caked’ look that you get with traditional foundations.

Who is suitable?

Because mineral make-up contains no additives, it is hypo- allergenic and should be suitable for everyone. A proper mineral make-up range – some of the top ones include glominerals and Susan Posnick – will contain no petroleum dye, artificial fragrances, filler or talc, just natural minerals and maybe a few vitamins to boost its skin- enhancing properties.

Another massive bonus is that mineral make-up often offers really great sun protection. This, combined with its gentleness, means that it is often used post-procedure to cover up any redness.

What’s the treatment like?

Because the particles are so fine, there can be a bit of a knack  to applying mineral make-up. Most of the foundations come in the form of a pressed base – although these days you can get normal liquid versions – and are best applied using a brush.

Sweep across the whole face for a light, daytime look, or for more coverage use a circular motion. The applicator you use can make a big difference with mineral make-up, and most ranges also make brushes.

It’s worthwhile sitting down to have a proper consultation with a skincare specialist before stocking up on products, as they will help you work out the best products and colours for your skin tone and type.

What happens afterwards?
As previously mentioned, you can  even sleep in your mineral make-up should you wish, but it can  be easily removed with a make-up remover or cleansing lotion.

Most ranges also offer a make-up removing lotion that contains minerals to enhance the benefits of the make-up itself.

Will I have a scar?

Costs for mineral make-up vary widely between different brands and products. It’s worth looking at the ingredients list on some of the cheaper ranges though, as they may well contain fillers such as talc, which detracts from the benefits of the minerals.

Mary White is a registered nurse and clinical director of the Outline Skincare clinic in Solihull. Here she explains why she favours the glominerals range
I was born with a large facial port wine stain, and although I have had successful laser treatment over the years and it has very much faded, it does still require camouflaging. I

have tried many brands of camouflage make-up over the years, but most leave you with the feeling of being heavily caked in foundation, which I don’t like, and traditional make-up doesn’t have the covering ability.

I went down to London and had a professional make-up with glominerals products and I was so impressed with how well they covered the stain – I haven’t looked back since.

I have a great ‘before and after’ photo of myself next to the make-up display in the clinic and patients really can’t believe that a mineral brand is capable of the coverage until they see me.

I really like the versatility of the range – you can use it to cover a facial blemish, like I do, or as part of your daily make-up routine – and the fact that it has everything you need, from foundations and concealers to mascaras, eyeshadows and lipsticks.
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