SmartLipo is a new minimally invasive in laser assisted liposculpture. Many procedures take just one to two hours to carry out and the treatment is very effective at removing localised unwanted fatty areas that are resistant to dieting or physical excercise. SmartLipo is effective for reducing double chins, love handles, inner thighs, hips, upper arms, ankles, upper and lower abdomen.

Traditional liposuction removes fat by inserting a hollow tube through small incision and either through vacuum pressure or by using a syringe, the unwanted fat is removed. This is done under a general anaesthetic and can have a considerable downtime. SmartLipo uses a laser to liquefy the fat which can then either by removed using gentle suction or just left for the body to remove naturally.

SmartLipo can also treat the areas that are considered unsuitable for traditional liposuction such as the face, forearms, upper part of the abdomen and the knees.

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